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NATCOL Presentations on Natural Colours at FiE Symposia in November 2011

Dirk Cremer, Chair of the NATCOL Natural Colour WG provided a presentation at the Legislation and Regulation in FB pre-FiE Masterclass on 28th November in Paris.

Margaret A. Lawson, NATCOL Executive Committee Member provided a presentation at the FiE Conference 29th November in Paris Nord Villepinte

Dirk Cremer, DSM Nutritional Products and Chair Natural Colour WG, NATCOL provided a presentation on:

Natural Colour: Understanding the distinguishing factors in the "natural-artificial continuum" and how to differentiate colours from colour imparting ingredients

  • Regulatory analysis of the legal framework governing colours and colour imparting ingredients and what it means for the classification of ingredients in the ingredient list
  • Relevance of the draft guidance document of the European Commission on the classification of food extracts with colouring properties
  • The NATCOL position on the criteria applied for colour classification and how they relate to EU member state guidance. NATCOL’s views concerning voluntary marketing claims surrounding colour

Margaret A. Lawson, D.D. Williamson and NATCOL Executive Committee Member provided a presentation on:

Overcoming technical limitations of natural colour within the food industry

  • Understanding the challenges for the future of natural colour
  • Where might science provide new opportunities?
  • Identifying why some applications still struggle to replace synthetics with natural colour

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